Much of the work of the LPC is achieved through our Committees & Associate Committees, as described below. All LPC Members must serve on at least one Committee, though membership to the Committees is open to anyone who is interested. Please contact LPC staff if you are interested in joining an LPC Committee or Associate Committee.

  • Workforce Committee
  • The Workforce Committee actively supports training, mentoring, and workforce retention programs that improve teacher qualifications and teacher effectiveness.
  • Title 5 Providers Group – Associate Committee
  • The group is charged with problem solving and planning for the stabilization of CDE child care to make the most of CDE subsidized child care monies countywide. Additionally, the goal of the group is to advocate for quality improvement, access, and partnerships among state subsidized child care providers in Santa Clara County. Finally, the group serves all state subsidized child care providers through networking and sharing resources. Note*: Membership is reserved to those who operate a Title 5 State Subsidized Child Care Program in Santa Clara County.
  • Inclusion Collaborative – Associate Committee
  • The Inclusion Collaborative leads the effort to provide every Santa Clara County child with a quality early learning environment. Its focus is the successful inclusion of children with special needs in child care, preschool programs and the community through education, advocacy, and awareness. VISIT WEBSITE
  • Communications & Outreach Committee
  • The Communications & Outreach Committee informs and makes recommendations regarding current state and national legislation that affects children and their families. The Committee also current state/federal legislation related to Early Childhood Education and recommends action.
  • Data Committee
  • The Data Committee collects, analyzes and shares data relative to the mandates of the LPC, and provides a foundation upon which the LPC can make informed decisions relative to child care funding and expansion.
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